Launched New Program with University of Chicago

The University of Chicago’s Graham School of Professional Studies chose 5HD to help drive enrollment for a new graduate program, the Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics. 5HD had four months before classes began to fill the first 15-student cohort.


Our campaigns delivered 49 inquiries, 32 applications started, and 24 applications completed in just 4 months, leading to a full first class and a full prospect pool for the following fall.





  • Attract applicants for a new Master’s program
  • Drive completed applications
  • Implement measurement structure to demonstrate ROI and allow campaign optimization


  • Very short timeline to fill cohort
  • Tight budget constraints
  • Limited ability to track leads
  • Focused potential applicant pool




uchi_graham5 uchi_graham6



  • Create a measurement structure to track goals for Adwords, programmatic advertising, and Facebook ads
  • Work with the University’s team to put events in place to attribute leads back to individual media channels, ad groups, and keywords
  • Improved Google analytics account management to provide more data for better decision-making
  • Optimize campaign efforts with weekly adjustments to maximize ROI

uchi_graham2 uchi_graham3



  • Sustainable measurement structure in place for future campaigns
  • Total of 56 new leads from programmatic; 18 inquiries and 22 applications from Adwords; and 31 inquiries with 41 proceeding to the application through Facebook ads
  • Exceeded goal, with application funnel primed for subsequent enrollment periods