Going programmatic generates huge return for Red Jacket Resorts

Historically, Red Jacket Resorts spent a significant portion of its annual marketing budget on eight weeks of seasonal television advertising in Boston, Providence, and parts of New York and Connecticut. While visual images of their Cape Cod and New Hampshire resorts are compelling, the traditional TV model drained resources and made it hard to prove return on investment. 5HD, in partnership with Triad Advertising, managed Red Jacket Resorts’ marketing strategy, coordinating with their internal art department and external vendors.


Cut media spend by 2/3 and achieved 10x return on investment in room booking revenue for the most successful summer in more than a decade.




  • Improve marketing spend efficiency
  • Extend advertising beyond the Boston and Providence television markets
  • Demonstrate measurable ROI
  • Target defined types of guests with specific ad messages attributed to the campaign



  • Developed prospect models based on Red Jacket’s past guests and website visitors including demographic and geographic information
  • Programmatically purchased pre-roll and banner impressions on a variety of relevant travel, weather and regional news sites to reinforce brand recognition
  • Leveraged existing television creative and pre-roll video
  • Utilized existing banner ad creative on our programmatic ad platform to reach targeted prospects wherever they were online (also known as Real Time Bidding or RTB)



  • Used cookies to track room bookings for up to 45 days post-view
  • Tracked video completion rate, click-through room bookings, and bookings from users who saw the ad but did not click
  • Coordinated with Red Jacket’s booking engine to share actual room revenue for each booking attributed to the campaign



  • Achieved 6.2 million impressions over a 12 week period (June 1 to Labor Day) reaching all of New England, metropolitan New York and New Jersey
  • 10x return on investment in room booking revenue
  • Cut media spend by 2/3
  • Contributed to the most successful summer in more than a decade