Say Hello to 5 Horizons

We’ve refreshed our look and we’re incredibly excited to share it with you.

5HD (5 Horizons Digital) is now 5 Horizons. Over the last nine years of growth, we have become so much more and it’s time our brand reflects that.

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How to Strengthen Higher Education Marketing: Part 1

Top Higher Education Marketing Trends to Implement in Your Strategy for 2023

Higher education marketing can often be a challenge for some institutions. With certain trends lasting one week and others staying relevant for months, it is not always clear how your school can stand out from competitors.

As experts in higher ed marketing, we compiled a rundown of the marketing trends and recommendations on how you can enhance your strategy in the upcoming calendar year. 

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Small Steps to Grow Social

Engage Your Audience Organically

Social media is a complex beast, especially when trying to market your business or grow your brand. Connecting with the right audience and establishing your brand voice and style can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

Growing your audience organically takes time, but here are five small steps you can take along the way to boost consistent growth and engagement.

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How Rewards and Loyalty Programs Affect Marketing

At 5 Horizons, we value curiosity and continue to expand our industry knowledge by keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

Over the past few years, browser extensions, such as PayPal Honey, have become increasingly popular among consumers shopping on eCommerce websites. According to Business Insider research, businesses that prioritize rewards and loyalty programs in their marketing efforts are more likely to not only find but also retain customers in the current abundant online retail market.

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Keeping Your Team Together in a Time of COVID

We Were Lucky

Friday, March 13th was supposed to be a normal work-from-Starbucks day for me. As an agency principal and father of three, every once in a while it’s nice to have a hot mocha, strong wifi, and a crowd to disappear into where no one knows you or needs you. 

Little did I know what was coming next. 

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COVID Changed Higher Education Overnight

How 5HD Helped a Titan of Graduate Education Adapt to the New Normal

COVID-19 brought monumental challenges to the higher education sector. As campuses and universities shut their doors and sent their communities home, a fervent need for exclusively digital communication quickly arose. Our client, the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), faced an uphill battle into unknown territory: online learning. Well versed in online learning, the 5HD team was not only immediately available, but also well-prepared to assist HGSE with pivoting their business model and successfully reaching their admissions goals for the upcoming academic year.

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