This is a prime place to get bogged down in buzzwords and industry-speak. Plain English: here’s a sample of what we’re good at. But we’re only going to brag so much, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email and let’s talk about what will work best for your goals.

Pay per click search

(aka paid search, Google AdWords)

We’re a Google-certified AdWords partner agency. Which means we’ve passed all of Google’s certification exams and we run good campaigns. But we don’t stop there. We want to know what’s changing, what’s working, and what can we improve to get the best results.

  • We stay up to date on all of the latest Google opportunities and take advantage of everything from search remarketing,
  • We put in the time to research and build clean, efficient campaigns and provide our clients with meaningful data to make changes and optimize.
  • We test frequently (pretty much daily, but sometimes things happen so we don’t want to overpromise), looking for areas to lower costs and generate a greater return.
  • In 2015 our campaigns earned over 100,000 visits to clients (clicks) and our clients appeared in more than 10 million searches.
  • We follow industry trends closely, looking for opportunities to improve search result ranking and get our clients prime search space.

Facebook advertising

(aka those sponsored posts that drive clicks)

Facebook makes it really easy for business to advertise on their platform. 5HD’s role is making sure that your ads stay on brand and reach the right people with the right message for the best use of your advertising dollars.

  • We make sure that your Facebook ads have good creative and work well with the rest of your campaigns.
  • We strategize for the best, most efficient use of advertising dollars.
  • From character limits to CTA copy, we know what to say to reach the right targets.
  • We make sure that the URL it clicks through to has a UTM tag on it so you can see the campaign data in your Google analytics.
  • We know how to build audiences and can remarket to people who have been on your website or those on your email lists whose email address they used when setting up their Facebook account.
  • We know how to optimize your message for Facebook and Instagram to get traffic from one of the hottest social platforms in the world.

Programmatic advertising

(aka advertising tailored to your demographics and where you’ve been online)

With programmatic advertising, we can target the right people and track their actions online. While we don’t like being big brother any more than you do, that’s the reality of digital advertising.

  • We buy banner ads from the top ad exchanges including Google.
  • We segment your marketing to deliver the right message to the right people, basically creating one-on-one conversations that speak to specific needs.
  • We can define incredibly precise targets and reach them wherever they are online, even tailoring offers just for that demographic, for much less cost than buying directly from the sites where the ads are posted.


(aka the new standard in animated digital advertising)

We love HTML5. There’s so much more we can do with animated ads to capture attention – and clicks. Plus, we know how to track engagement so that even if viewers don’t click the ad we’ll know that the ad influenced their behavior.

  • With HTML5 we play well with others, especially Google’s DoubleClick.
  • We create immersive ad experiences using HTML5 technology, respecting user experience by maximizing page ad load performance while minimizing time to visual display.

Responsive design

(aka looking good anywhere online)

Online success is all about user experience, and good responsive design provides a responsive experience. The numbers keep going up, but we know that at least 64% of Americans own a smartphone, 2/3 of email is opened on a smartphone, and more Google searches are starting on a phone than on desktop. Just being mobile-friendly isn’t enough. Your site experience needs to flow with visitors as they move across a range of devices throughout their search process.

  • Our responsive designs consider the entire user experience, from the information they see to how they find it.
  • We focus on making the end user happy — with designs that work across devices and platforms.

Social media

(aka the online water cooler)

People have plenty to say online, whether or not their subject is part of the conversation. Not having an online presence is as good as inviting others to say negative things. It’s going to happen, so why not be listening and ready to respond. Successfully joining the online conversation starts with being a good listener. Before saying a word, find out what people are saying, understand what they want to hear, and having something valuable to contribute.

  • We’re good listeners. Clients love letting us keep our ears open online to monitor conversations and provide alerts when a response is needed.
  • We find the right voice online to keep messages on brand and steer the conversation in the right direction.
  • We know how to blend evergreen posts with timely updates to keep social media channels active and engaging.