When you check out our client list, we’re sure you’ll notice that we work with a wide range of businesses. The way that we strategize, listen to client challenges, learn a business, and apply those strategies works across industries. Having been born out of Triad Advertising, we know higher education, hospitality and senior living inside and out, and we apply that experience to achieving specific client goals for any business type.

Higher Education Marketing

The Internet changed everything for higher education, from how universities connect with students to how classes are delivered. With digital marketing and online classes, the competition for students at all levels has increased dramatically, especially as traditionally localized programs such as community colleges and continuing education programs have become able to reach beyond their local communities and attract students across the country.

Bottom line: Higher education is a business that must increasingly compete for customers – both current and prospective students. This requires adopting a modern approach to business operations and marketing to achieve their goals.

So, why 5HD?

  • We’ve worked with more than a dozen colleges and universities across the country and we understand the funnel of how an interested online researcher becomes a prospect, applicant, acceptee and an enrolled student, as well as how to keep that student enrolled every semester.
  • Our higher ed clients include public and private institutions of varying sizes, graduate and undergraduate programs, and traditional and online courses.
  • Our successfully developed and implemented higher ed campaigns have grown enrollment for both existing and newly launched programs.
  • We’ve modernized marketing strategies and improved efficiency for higher ed clients and provided strategies for transitioning from a traditional education model to online model.
  • By teaching marketing administrators what they need to measure, we have helped leadership understand what their marketing does allowing them to make smart, data-driven decisions to get more out of their budget.


Our hospitality experience ranges from growing exposure for one of the largest hotel companies in the world down to helping fill the rooms at a bed and breakfast. We’re very good at segmenting our online marketing to help hospitality clients find more of the guests they want. We identify key open spaces and target segments that would like to travel at those times. With our digital marketing expertise, clients can compete better with OTAs, getting their own direct bookings for higher revenue share.

So, why 5HD?

  • We know how to identify the right target audience and tailor online messaging to maximize ROI.
  • We review campaigns regularly to further hone keywords, audiences and messaging.
  • We have successfully leveraged existing creative into pre-roll footage.

Senior Living

When we talk about senior living we’re talking about housing and healthcare for the mature set — everything from independent living and assisted living, to Alzheimer’s and dementia memory care, to skilled nursing with short-term rehab and long-term care. And as the industry changes, the populations we’re targeting are getting both older (as seniors are living longer and staying at home longer) and younger (with people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s requiring short-term rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, stroke, cardiac events, and other health-related incidents). That’s a whole lot of different segments and needs, but digital marketing allows us to make the most of marketing dollars to achieve our clients’ goals.

So, why 5HD?

  • Triad Advertising is one of the leading advertising agencies for senior living with 20 years in the space. That’s where we come from, plus we work well together.
  • The target audience for senior care and housing is primarily the adult child, 45 to 65, and they tend to be online using google and digital media daily.
  • At 5HD, we know how to match the right message to our target audience wherever they are on the web.
  • We measure everything, allowing us to adapt campaigns on the fly for the best results.