How to Strengthen Higher Education Marketing: Part 1

Top Higher Education Marketing Trends to Implement in Your Strategy for 2023

Higher education marketing can often be a challenge for some institutions. With certain trends lasting one week and others staying relevant for months, it is not always clear how your school can stand out from competitors.

As experts in higher ed marketing, we compiled a rundown of the marketing trends and recommendations on how you can enhance your strategy in the upcoming calendar year. 

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How Rewards and Loyalty Programs Affect Marketing

At 5 Horizons, we value curiosity and continue to expand our industry knowledge by keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

Over the past few years, browser extensions, such as PayPal Honey, have become increasingly popular among consumers shopping on eCommerce websites. According to Business Insider research, businesses that prioritize rewards and loyalty programs in their marketing efforts are more likely to not only find but also retain customers in the current abundant online retail market.

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